A Little Bit of Heaven

INT. STUDIO EXECUTIVE OFFICE CIRCA 2011. A cliched STUDIO CHIEF sits at his desk, chomping a Cigar and reading the latest Variety. Suddenly the door bursts open and a lowly DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE charges in, huffing and puffing. DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE Sir, I’ve got a great script you need to read right now! This is it! STUDIO […]

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Jack and Jill

There’s a lot that can be said about “Jack and Jill”. For one, it’s just as bad as you’d think. The movie itself is terrible, bringing together the usual Adam Sandler crew (Spade, Swardson, Meadows, MacDonald) and a host of random cameos (Shaq, John McEnroe, Dana Carvey and a now-regrettable Jared Fogle). Mix in paycheck […]

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