Jack and Jill

There’s a lot that can be said about “Jack and Jill”. For one, it’s just as bad as you’d think. The movie itself is terrible, bringing together the usual Adam Sandler crew (Spade, Swardson, Meadows, MacDonald) and a host of random cameos (Shaq, John McEnroe, Dana Carvey and a now-regrettable Jared Fogle). Mix in paycheck jobs for Katie Holmes and Al Pacino, a “plot” where Sandler plays both the male and female parts of twin siblings and forget the laughs for 90 excruciating minutes. In fact the only entertaining parts of this movie are the pre- and post-credit montages that feature interviews with real pairs of twins. The rest is typical Sandler disappointment. It’s funny to think back on when Paul Thomas Anderson actually got something different from Sandler in 2002’s “Punch Drunk Love” and we thought he might step out of the cookie-cutter comedies more often. Oh well.

The less said about “Jack and Jill” the better. The movie is a true stinker and a top-tier reason why everyone thinks they could run a movie studio better than the people who greenlight movies like this. There. Done. Oh, this has to be 500 words?

I guess the most interesting point to ponder about “Jack and Jill” is whether this is the lowest moment in Al Pacino’s incredible career. The man who starred in “The Godfather” trilogy, “Heat” and many other classic films has nearly as much time as Sandler in “Jack and Jill”. Why does someone so revered take a part in a movie playing himself and chasing Jill (Sandler in “Bosom Buddies”-style drag, complete with nagging, nasally voice) for love?

So is “Jack and Jill” Pacino’s worst? It’s an interesting question. Pacino (and Robert DeNiro, by the way) have either lost their touch for picking scripts or just don’t care. 1970s Pacino was “The Godfather”, “The Godfather 2”, “Serpico”, and “Dog Day Afternoon”. In the 1980s it was “Cruising” and “Scarface”. After he still pumped out “Glengarry Glen Ross”, “Scent of a Woman”, “Carlito’s Way”, “Heat”, “Donnie Brasco”, “The Insider”, and “Any Given Sunday”. Through three decades Pacino created an all-time resume memorable characters in many critically-lauded, super popular movies.

Since 2002, however, the wheels have started coming off. He was in “Gigli”, hammed it up in the guilty pleasure “Two for the Money” and the went-to-well-one-too-many-times “Oceans 13”. His IMDb profile is full of additional roles in movies that were in and out of theaters fast. “Stand Up Guys”? “Manglehorn”? “The Humbling”? “Salome”? Does anyone remember these?

Alright, I convinced myself. Even with some true duds, the basement of Al Pacino’s film career is “Jack and Jill”. Why, Al? Is there no demand for legendary actors of stage and screen? When DeNiro made “Meet the Parents” it seemed potentially suspect but the script, story and casting were great and the end result was magic. Watching this movie it’s hard to imagine where the hook was. Was it the Regis cameo? The cross-dressing catfight scene between Sandler’s Jill and a David Spade’s former high school flame? The chance to rap in a music video about Dunkin’ Donuts? (I’m not kidding.)

Who knows. But it’s sad.




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