The Wicker Man

You thought this report was going to be about bees didn’t you. It’s not. While bees play a significant role in the movie they are a distraction from the real message at hand. (Note the amazing use of Samual Barber’s – Adagio for Strings in this clip below)

You might have thought this report was going to be about Nicolas Cage and his tremendous acting skills. This again, is not the real message of the Wicker Man.

You might have been thinking during the whole movie, why did this asshole wear a suit and wingtips if he was going to be hunting for a lost girl in the forests of the pacific northwest? This is where I wonder, does the costume director of any movie have any real power. You would think cage would be wearing some timbalands and jeans but no, he wears slacks and wingtips.

You might have even thought this movie was about punching people in bear costumes and then steal said costume. While an exciting part of the climax of this film, it is not the core message here. Author’s Note: I do not condone the punching of bears, or violence against any animal (bugs are the exception).

This film is a warning about the perils of the modern feminist agenda. It is a warning about the constant emasculation of our society. It is a warning of what will happen if we let Mother Gaia have her way with us.

Pythia Peay first argued for the existence of a fourth wave of feminism, combining justice with religious spirituality. If you are unfamiliar with fourth wave feminism, it is relatively simple. “People” like Lena Dunham and Ellen Pao teach people that all women are victims and all men are rapists. To ensure equality all confidence, power, and courage should be driven from men. They should be relegated to watching TV Shows like Girls and not allowed to negotiate their salaries because that is unfair gender discrimination and a clear example of the patriarchy.

It seems to me that the producers of this took this argument to heart and showed what it would eventually come to for all of us. Lady Braveheart would eventually become the queen bee and all the women would be bees in her hive. The eventual Kafkaesque transformation of all women into insects is inevitable in this future. They will kill the drones like they killed Nic Cage. 😦

4th Wave Feminism, the rise of Agrarian Society, and the misandrist philosophy of Mother Gaia is waiting for all of us if we let Lena Dunham win. We cannot let this happen.

[This bet was made on a stupid football game of Packers vs Falcons as a part of a double or nothing bet on a straight win loss. I bet that the Falcons would hold the Packers to one touchdown and I lost. Sports Bets are the worst]

This is satire. I am part of the program. I support Lena Dunham and the amazing programming she creates. Hail Hydra. 

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