Welcome to Book Report Bets

Do you and your friends enjoy prop bets? Betting cash feel gauche? Raise the stakes with Book Report Bets. The way it works is simple. Make your prop bet, loser has to watch a movie of the winner’s choice and write a 500 word book report about it.

Winners must assign the movie to watch within 7 days after the bet is decided or a penalty is incurred.

Losers much complete the report within 90 days¬†after the bet is decided or a penalty is incurred. If the movie isn’t publicly available (e.g. coming soon to theaters) the clock starts on Release Date.

Good etiquette requires that the movie be available via streaming a la Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

In the unlikely event there is a tie/push the Moss Addendum is invoked Рthe rest of your crew forms a subcommittee which will choose a movie that both opponents must watch and review, the crew will grade those reviews, and the winner of that head-to-head competition then picks another movie for the loser to review.


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