Madea Goes to Jail


A hooker with a heart of gold. A District Attorney who climbed up from the mean streets of Atlanta. A pot smoking lecherous uncle. A devious and jealous girlfriend. Dr. Phil as an anger therapist. And of course, Madea. This was my first foray into the cinematic madea universe. The movie was funny at times, the America’s funniest home video type funny. It pulled at my heart strings (I only have two) in the way a Hallmark movie might.

The movie’s plot is relatively straight forward. Opens with a high speed chase where Madea runs from the cops but isn’t Mirandized properly so she is set free. She eventually gets herself in to trouble again by forklifting some lady’s miata at the local k-mart (the lady had it coming to her because she stole Madea’s parking spot) – Madea eventually goes to jail and becomes a kingpin inside. She easily beats the old kingpin up and befriends the hot Spanish lady from that Family show on ABC with the really dumb dad.

As a side story which really is the main story the district attorney derek is prosecuting a hooker for turning tricks but it turns out that she was an old friend from school that he brutally betrayed and setup for a gang rape with his frat brothers.  After that she understandably had a breakdown and began turning tricks. This seems like a commentary on rape culture at fraternities.

Derek tries to help her but his fiancé (does the lady fiancé have two e’s or one?) doesn’t like what’s going on so she has her judge daddy throw the book at her. Hooker goes away for like 80 life sentences for turning tricks which seems like a clear commentary on racist mandatory minimum laws.

Well, after all is done, Madea and the hooker are in jail. Derek keeps working to figure out how to helper her and his best friend stumbles on the information that incremates the jealous fiancé . he does the bro thing and tells him what’s up even though he cheated on the bar exam and will likely be outed by the blackmailing fiancé.

Long story short – Derek dumps her ass at the alter – gets the hooker out of jail along with madea and they go home happily ever after.

The plot in this movie is surprisingly complex – it touches on important social and economic issues like medical marijuana, rape culture on college campuses, the abuse of the police and judicial systems, racism, the plight of agrarian society, and the terror that has descended on East Timor. Some of those things were true but not that same things for all viewers. Think on that.

I would encourage all of you to watch this movie and think on the current disposition of the modern neo-liberal democracy in the united states.

Here is the theatrical adaptation:

This bet is part two of a terrible two part bet where I gave 2:1 odds to @chairmanbau that La La Land would win the Oscar for best picture. In a freak event – the 2016 Oscar was given to La La Land but then viciously torn away and awarded to Moonlight. Some shithead from Price Water House Coopers gave the wrong envelope and the thing got called incorrectly. Not only did he fuck up the Oscars but he messed up my bet!


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