HERE WE GO! I vaguely remember this movie coming out. Something about a HUGE budget and a colossal flop and one of Steve Carell’s worst movies ever. I also believe there is a sequel called Bruce Almighty but I only made the connection when folks were talking about it in the office.

This movie was released in 2007. Budget was $175MM and made $173.4MM at the box – so I guess not a huge flop. This movie has a great cast! Steve Carrell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham (<3), John Goodman, Wanda Sykes, Jonah Hill, and Molly Shannon!

The question we will be evaluating today is : Would Evan Almighty be a better president than President Trump?

Who has the better family?

Evan has a beautiful wife played by Lauren Graham and three young boys.
Donald Trump has five evil children by the way of three different wives.

Edge goes to Evan on this one. Lauren Graham is a fox and Evan isn’t a philanderer. No grabbing women by the pussy unless its in the sanctity of marriage. Also his children are not future Nazgûl candidates, so that’s helpful.

Who has the better living setup?

Evan rolls in a really tacky H2 hummer and bought an ostentatiously large house in the gated community of Prestige Creek.

Donald lives in the White House and rolls in a bullet proof Cadillac.

Donny wins this one. You might think that Donny having Trump Tower lacquered in gold plate or staying in Mar-a-Lago every other weekend would immediately disqualify him but Evan really lost a lot of credibility when he bought an H2 instead of a Jeep Wrangler. No one needs a president driving around a street queen.

Which one is a dog person?

Well Donald doesn’t have a dog in the White House which seems terrible. He’s probably a secret cat person. Evan on the other hand despises dogs and thinks they all have fleas and the mange. This is a tie. Donny likes cats, Evan doesn’t like dogs.

Who is more pious?

Donny’s favorite book is the bible. Nothing beats the Bible, not even the Art of the Deal.

Evan was chosen by God himself to build an ark.

Point to Evan. I mean this dude sets his alarm clock to 6:14, his license plate it GEN6:14, he even changed his congressional phone extension to 614. I am not even sure if Donny has read the good book. If he did, I feel like he is a Leviticus kinda of guy or possibly Judges. He seems like the guy who would find a donkey’s jawbone and kill a 1000 men with it, ASS.

Who has better hair?

I mean, this is an easy one. Donald has a wicked comb over but Evan rocks this incredible beard that keeps growing and changing color. The most powerful man in the world should have a beard. My only complaint is that it really should be oiled more often. if you are going to grow a crazy beard like that, at least brush and oil it so its maintained.

So the tally here is 3 to 1 with 1 tie. Evan wins!

This bet was lost guessing the age of the indomitable Charlize Theron. Go see Atomic Blonde, its great!

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