Natural Selection

Scene Opens: A hunter is walking through a forest and slowly stumbles. Camera pans and we realize why he stumbled, he was shot. Is this why the movie is called Natural Selection? Have the animals evolved? Do the hunters become the hunted? We shall see…

This is maybe the worst book report I’ve had to do, mostly because I did an incorrect movie and watched Pixels mistakenly instead of this movie. This is part of the worst loss in the history of the site. A single loss of 7 book reports (now eight!).

The movie starts off a lot like the karate kid – single mom and angsty kid move into a shitty apartment in a small town where he has to go to a high school with a bunch of mean boys and pretty young girl makes friends with him. The twist in this movie is the boy named Indred.

Indred is a cross between Christian Slater and Jerry O’Connell. He reads Nieztche and Darwin loads his gun in his spare time, and mocks God, and his friend crashing his car – sooooo edgy. Indred is kind of a jerk too, he’s mean to Tyler’s mom, his sister’s bf, and basically everyone he talks to. Indred is a fan of veiled threats, innuendo, and dramatic foreshadowing. I mean he carries around a black duffle bag.

As a side note, Paige is a 16 year old girl who knows how to tie a double Windsor, she’s clearly a manipulative witch.  A small but interesting note, all the girls at the dance are taller to much taller than the boys.

So clearly this movie is not about deers hunting men but we now know that Tyler is the one who gets shot at the beginning of the film. Little did we know that he aspirations to be a classical piano player. In such a cliché way, he gets on stage and plays Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. I am pretty sure the twist of this movie is not Indred being the school shooter but Tyler. He’s soooo emo.

The tone of this movie is a little all over the place, it goes from the Karate Kid to Donnie Darko to some sort of John Hughes movie. Mom is a raging alcoholic and apparently a pill popper too who forgets her son’s birthday. School cop potentially killed a mother and daughter in a home invasion. Seriously, what is Anthony Michael Hall doing in this movie?

Well, it looks like I am right – he saw his dad kill himself so now he has become dexter. Everyone is probably going to die in this ending. Especially now that Paige found the book of drawings of a direwolf eating her entrails. Now Indred is at school with a bunch of guns and it looks like Tyler will save everyone? I have to say, Indred is a pretty good actor.

Well, I was dead wrong, no one died, and since Indred was a young white male, he got shot with a bean bag instead normal ammunition. Figures.

This movie gets a D- for such a weak ending.

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