Hillary – The Movie

Here is the entire movie – not just the trailer – I highly encourage you to not watch it.

Well this one is going to be a doozy. This will be the first “documentary” I will have reviewed under book report bets. This film has been an incredibly frustrating watch for lots of reasons and putting my thoughts down on paper has been even worse. I find myself distracted, upset, and rambling as I have rewritten this introductory paragraph several times.

Let’s get some core things out of the way. The middle and far right (how the hell you might define a middle right person in this age, I really don’t know) easily moves in for the character assassination. Unconfirmed rumor, innuendo, and bald face lies build the foundation of their character profile of Hillary Clinton. They do an amazing job weaving in small truths that are well known or easily identifiable in to make the foundation strong.  In the first 5 minutes they list out a list of adjectives to describe here: Guilty, Vindictive, Venal, Sneaky, Intolerant, Liar, Forgetful, Mendacious, and Ideological. Then they drop little facts like: Hillary Clinton was the very first First Lady to have a Criminal Investigation against her. Being accused of a crime isn’t a crime, and Republicans take pleasure in investigating anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I think it can be arguably said that Hillary Clinton was also the first First Lady who held as many important jobs as she did.

All this being said, she is the worst thing to happen to the United States. Bear with me for a moment. She lost to Donald Trump. She had a huge lead in the polls and with complete ineptitude, lack of empathy, and a level of hubris only to rival trump, she turned her back on the working class and lost the election leaving the country in the hands of a greedy, unethical, and corrupt leader. She’s a giant loser who could not energize enough people to beat this guy. During the whole election cycle she kept talking about how bad Trump was and how terrible his supporters were but she herself didn’t stand for anything.  Its like she expected people to vote for her de facto and took Umbridge with the fact that people wanted her to earn their vote. She’s the worst for losing and leaving us in this mess.

Going back to this hatchet job of a movie – its basically 1:24:22 of people being interviewed after they looked at an enormous thesaurus and making claims that Hillary is a liar and using hundreds of different words like mendacious and skullduggery to describe her. I realized that after about 40 minutes not a single interview called out a single specific accusation of where she lied, they just kept repeated over and over that she was a liar. The centerpiece of this film is something called “Travelgate” where some travel agent was accused of embezzling $14k.

As a side note – Ann Coulter is likely an Arch Demon or at minimum a Dread Lord. Almost every one of her segments is infuriating.

The only thing this movie gets right is that she rarely states her positions on issues in a clear and succinct way.  In fact, I think this is one of the biggest reasons she lost the election.

This movie sucked. F- , do not watch it.

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