Synopsis: Kids play in the 1982 Atari World Championships – little Billy Madison is a gaming genius who can see “patterns” in the game. He ends up losing the championship to FIRE BLASTER aka Tyrion in a game of Donkey Kong (BTW If you haven’t seen the documentary King of Kong you must go see […]

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HERE WE GO! I vaguely remember this movie coming out. Something about a HUGE budget and a colossal flop and one of Steve Carell’s worst movies ever. I also believe there is a sequel called Bruce Almighty but I only made the connection when folks were talking about it in the office. This movie was […]


Tour-bulation de Force

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force is the jewel of the extremely-bejeweled, three-part – and hopefully counting – Left Behind franchise. It chronicles the story of Buck Williams, a renegade journalist living in a world where millions have suddenly and without notice disappeared, and those left behind – the “leftovers” if you will (and I know […]

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The Mangler

So I don’t really like scary movies and this is a fairly wide known fact so as I lose book report bets I expect to get these assigned to me. The Mangler is what most people would put into the campy horror bucket, I still don’t like watching these. I got scared watch Ghoulies, or […]

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Real Steel

So I am watching Real Steel. I lost a bet and I need to just pull the band aid off with this one so I will be creating a rhetorical stream of consciousness while the film is playing on my tv. The movie starts off with our boy Hugh driving a big rig through Kansas […]

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THE COLOR OF TIME – Rose are Red, Violets are Blue, Some Movies Suck, and Some Other Movies Also Suck

I lost a bet* and challenged Friend 1, who won the bet, to find a worst movie for me to review than United Passions, which is possibly the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Confident in the fact that his own abilities are lacking, Friend 1 decided to reach out to Friend 2 — who he […]

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Madea Goes to Jail

  A hooker with a heart of gold. A District Attorney who climbed up from the mean streets of Atlanta. A pot smoking lecherous uncle. A devious and jealous girlfriend. Dr. Phil as an anger therapist. And of course, Madea. This was my first foray into the cinematic madea universe. The movie was funny at […]

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