Madea Goes to Jail

  A hooker with a heart of gold. A District Attorney who climbed up from the mean streets of Atlanta. A pot smoking lecherous uncle. A devious and jealous girlfriend. Dr. Phil as an anger therapist. And of course, Madea. This was my first foray into the cinematic madea universe. The movie was funny at […]

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A review summed up Ed well: if your idea of entertainment is monkeys farting – this is your film.

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The Great Wall

In the Ancient days Giant lizards fought desperately to save their land and queen from Asian terrorists hell bent on blowing up their home with black powder. The terrorists’ campaign of carnage happens every 60 years and this time they have been camping behind a huge wall massing thousands of pounds of black powder and […]

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Jupiter Ascending

It’s been about 4 weeks since I watched Jupiter Ascending.  It took every moment of that 4 weeks to come up with an idea as to how this $176,000,000 masterpiece got made.  I think I’ve finally got it figured out. In the third grade as part of a social studies curriculum the class was assigned […]

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The Wicker Man

You thought this report was going to be about bees didn’t you. It’s not. While bees play a significant role in the movie they are a distraction from the real message at hand. (Note the amazing use of Samual Barber’s – Adagio for Strings in this clip below) You might have thought this report was […]

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Jack and Jill

There’s a lot that can be said about “Jack and Jill”. For one, it’s just as bad as you’d think. The movie itself is terrible, bringing together the usual Adam Sandler crew (Spade, Swardson, Meadows, MacDonald) and a host of random cameos (Shaq, John McEnroe, Dana Carvey and a now-regrettable Jared Fogle). Mix in paycheck […]

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The Tree of Life

People go to the movies to get an escape.  They want the film to take them on a magical journey to a faraway place.  They want the film to provide them with an emotional roller coaster where you learn about characters and are invested heavily in their outcome.  They want to see some mindless entertainment.  […]

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