Synopsis: Kids play in the 1982 Atari World Championships – little Billy Madison is a gaming genius who can see “patterns” in the game. He ends up losing the championship to FIRE BLASTER aka Tyrion in a game of Donkey Kong (BTW If you haven’t seen the documentary King of Kong you must go see […]

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HERE WE GO! I vaguely remember this movie coming out. Something about a HUGE budget and a colossal flop and one of Steve Carell’s worst movies ever. I also believe there is a sequel called Bruce Almighty but I only made the connection when folks were talking about it in the office. This movie was […]


The Mangler

So I don’t really like scary movies and this is a fairly wide known fact so as I lose book report bets I expect to get these assigned to me. The Mangler is what most people would put into the campy horror bucket, I still don’t like watching these. I got scared watch Ghoulies, or […]

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Real Steel

So I am watching Real Steel. I lost a bet and I need to just pull the band aid off with this one so I will be creating a rhetorical stream of consciousness while the film is playing on my tv. The movie starts off with our boy Hugh driving a big rig through Kansas […]

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Madea Goes to Jail

  A hooker with a heart of gold. A District Attorney who climbed up from the mean streets of Atlanta. A pot smoking lecherous uncle. A devious and jealous girlfriend. Dr. Phil as an anger therapist. And of course, Madea. This was my first foray into the cinematic madea universe. The movie was funny at […]

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The Great Wall

In the Ancient days Giant lizards fought desperately to save their land and queen from Asian terrorists hell bent on blowing up their home with black powder. The terrorists’ campaign of carnage happens every 60 years and this time they have been camping behind a huge wall massing thousands of pounds of black powder and […]

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The Wicker Man

You thought this report was going to be about bees didn’t you. It’s not. While bees play a significant role in the movie they are a distraction from the real message at hand. (Note the amazing use of Samual Barber’s – Adagio for Strings in this clip below) You might have thought this report was […]

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